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Workers’ Rights

I affirm the time-honored right of individuals to voluntarily participate in labor organizations and to bargain collectively. I also believe that no American should be coerced into an association they do not wish to join. No one should be kept out of a job for which they are qualified simply because they choose to remain independent of labor unions. I therefore support the right of states to enact Right-to-Work laws.

Workers who pay dues through their workplace deserve to know how their dues are being used – especially when the money is being used to support political activity. I support enhanced financial disclosure requirements for political campaigns, corporations, and pension funds in order to bring about more transparency and accountability in the political system. When labor unions donate money to political causes, they should be subject to the same laws which govern any other PAC. Severe penalties should be enforced against labor unions who use money for political purposes which was designated for some other purpose such as pensions.

As the Federal Government has no legitamate authority in these matters, I favor the repeal of the National Labor Relations Act. Government workers hold their jobs as a privilege, not a right, and essential government services must not be interrupted by strikes by public employees. Collective bargaining by public employees must therefore be made illegal.

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