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I consider myself an independent. More than ever, one should closely examine each candidate and vote based on what he/she has done and what they say they will do, rather than blindly voting based on political party. I always vote my conscience, even if it means voting for third-party and independent candidates. If there is no sound candidate running for a particular office, then you should run for that office yourself or not vote for any candidate in that particular race. The party that has had a Presidential candidate on the ballot in recent elections that I identify most with is the Constitution Party, but I even have some problems with them. I especially have problems with their 2004 Presidential candidate and their recent compromise on abortion (which is not nearly as bad as the compromising of the Republican Party on this issue). I think most CP candidates are still worth voting for. The Libertarian Party is mostly pro-abortion rights, but it does have a pro-Life wing.

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I am born again Christian with a strong interest in politics, doctrine, science, and how these relate to one another.