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I consider myself an independent. More than ever, one should closely examine each candidate and vote based on what he/she has done and what they say they will do, rather than blindly voting based on political party. I always vote my conscience, even if it means voting for third-party and independent candidates. If there is no sound candidate running for a particular office, then you should run for that office yourself or not vote for any candidate in that particular race. The party that has had a Presidential candidate on the ballot in recent elections that I identify most with is the Constitution Party, but I even have some problems with them. I especially have problems with their 2004 Presidential candidate and their recent compromise on abortion (which is not nearly as bad as the compromising of the Republican Party on this issue). I think most CP candidates are still worth voting for. The Libertarian Party is mostly pro-abortion rights, but it does have a pro-Life wing.


Joe said...

Matt, what problems do you have with Michael Peroutka? He has been quite vocal in his criticism of the Constitution Party's compromise on abortion. Who did you vote for president in 2004?

astaldaran said...

I'm with you there, political parties seem be needed to raise money and such but Washington's fears were not completely ungrounded when he said it would destroy the country. Overall our system has worked but when people vote simply because it is their party... well that just isn't good.

Matt said...

I did vote for Peroutka in 2004, but regretted it. I have nothing against southerners, but I can't vote for someone who waves a flag represents such an injustice as slavery as was practiced in the South. It’s like saying that I have nothing against Chinese people, but I would never vote for someone who goes around waving the flag of Communist China. I find the statement "We have a dream” underneath a picture of the Capitol Building with a Confederate Flag sticking out of it to be just as offensive as if it had a Nazi flag or a Communist Flag sticking out of it. “touch not the unclean thing…” II Corinthians 6:17.

And I repeat: I do not want to vote for anyone who thinks that the reinstatement of the Confederate states was illegitimate. If the Constitution of the Confederacy were to become legally recognized, then a strict constructionist would have to recognize the reestablishment of Negro slavery (the way that it was at the time it was written). Any current state law that contradicts this would superseded.

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