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Rights of Private Property Owners vs. the Environment

The right of people to own property and to use it however they see fit should be upheld. It should be recognized, however, that if someone’s use of their property damages someone else’s health or property, then they should be held criminally and monetarily liable. Such claims should have to be proven in a court of law. There should be no legislation which places limits on restitution for such damages as this creates the moral hazard which has led to an increase in unsafe practices causing more of these incidents (e.g. oil spills). I favor the use of zoning regulations to protect the people’s health and property from pollutants. I am not in favor of regulations designed to protect against global warming or atmospheric ozone depletion. I am not in favor of zoning regulations to control sprawl.

I would apply the cautionary principle to our food supply and hold liable the users of potentially harmful Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) spread by cross-pollination via wind and/or insects, even if it happens inadvertently. The introduction of GMOs would in this way causes the devaluation of other farmers’ crops. Examples include terminator genes which render the next generation of seeds sterile thus eliminating seed crops and the bacteria BT. It is a naturally occurring bacterium and has been a mainstay of organic farmers to control insects. The insecticidal genes from BT have now been spliced into the genomes of food crops. This will lead to more resistant insects thus permanently eliminating one of the few measures organic farmers can take to control pests. I assert the right of the States (but not the Federal Government) to ban GMOs and other environmental hazards.

The Congress should not pass environmental laws because this is beyond its proper scope. The States should be allowed to make such laws, and Congress should not interfere with it. If California or any other state wants have tough emission standards, then let them have it.

I call for end to the use of eminent domain by all levels of government. No one should be deprived of their property without due process of law. I oppose any form of government issued insurance policies, such as the federal flood insurance program.

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