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Health Care and Government

Working men and women who are paying the full cost of their health care, have the right to make their own health care choices. Tax codes should not be used to manipulate decisions which limit employee control of medical and health care choices.

I am against caps on malpractice awards, but the standards for proving that a doctor is liable for malpractice should be increased. There must be proof that the doctor misled the patient about what procedures would be performed or misrepresented his or her credentials. A doctor should not be penalized for an honest mistake. (What if you were financially penalized for every honest mistake that you made at your job?)

The right to medical records privacy is absolute. No patient should be forced to put their medical records into any kind of database, even if promises are made that no one may view them except the patient. I denounce any civil government entity using age or any other reason to preclude people and insurance firms from freely contracting for medical coverage. I am against genetic discrimination legislation.

I am against all income taxes, but as long as we have them, we should have tax free medical savings accounts to create incentives to stay healthy, reduce costs, and support personal control over one's health and medical decisions. The free enterprise system, competition, free choice in health care including alternative health care methods, and the elimination of Medicare and all other government health care programs will improve efficiency, reduce costs, waste and fraud, and, restore sanity to the present economically and morally bankrupt health care system. Recently, Medicaid paid for some sex offenders’ Viagra. These programs will always have this type of corruption, and this must come to end.

Those who have already paid into the Medicare system should, however, get all the benefits that they were promised. Private companies should not be required to provide general health care to their workers, but they should in cases where hazards associated with a job caused the worker’s need for treatments. Corporations who fail to live up to their obligations to provide health care, which they themselves had promised to their retired workers, should be criminally punished to fullest extent of the law.

I oppose government subsidies and regulation of health care. Patients should be allowed to sue their HMO. I would get rid of mandatory workman’s compensation.

I would get rid of the FDA and all of its regulations as they are unconstitutional. The FDA is an arm of the pharmaceutical industry and is not protecting consumers. Many harmful drugs make it past FDA regulations, and many safe and effective drugs have been taken off the market by the FDA in favor of newer drugs which are not as effective, are addictive, or have worse side effects. I am against price controls for drugs, but I affirm the right of the States to determine if certain drugs are to be criminalized or regulated due to addictiveness or other harmful properties.

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