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Racism/Civil Rights

I am strongly opposed to racism in any form. I am against all laws that even mention the concept of race, except those which only have the effect of preventing the making of laws which contain this concept, such as the 15th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I don’t believe that people should hate anyone because of their race (or any other reason), but I am against hate or thought crime legislation. Only God can judge someone’s heart. This legislation serves only to turn state control of criminal cases over to the federal government to give it more power.

I favor a Constitutional Amendment or a least a federal law that would prevent any laws from being made that contain the concept of race. The decision in the Rosa Parks case was incorrect. There is nothing in the Constitution that protects someone from being discriminated against (even by the government itself) on the basis of race (except in voting rights, which is the 15th amendment and the prohibition of Bills of Attainder). Well-intentioned people have set a dangerous precedent in this case. Judicial activism harms our nation. If my proposed amendment were to become law, then this would bring legitimacy to efforts on the federal level to protect people from racist segregation and other discriminatory laws.

I am against measures that attempt to equal the playing field between races or between men and women. Men and women naturally have different abilities and weaknesses and it is not necessary to try to have 50% of each in everything all the time. There should be no laws that ensure that women are paid just as much as a man for doing the same job. I am against Title IX. Their should never be any laws protecting people from the consequences of foolish, immoral, and physically dangerous behavior such as homosexuality. I am against reparations.

People use laws against discrimination to unfairly threaten employers, and they are protected from being fired (even when they deserve to be) or are unfairly promoted because of such threats. This only causes more racist attitudes. Eliminating all such laws is the best way to prevent racism. If an employer really is bigoted against a particular group to which one belongs, why would that person want to work for such an employer anyway? If the owner of an establishment does not want to serve blacks because he is racist, why would you want to give him the business anyway? I favor the use of boycotts against corporations and other institutions which practice racism and other practices that are condemned in Scripture. Affirmative action also causes more racism because it discriminates against people who are not at fault for things that have happened in the past. It should be phased out (should apply only to those who lived before the Civil Rights act of 1964). However, in agreement with my earlier statements, I don’t believe that there should be any law against affirmative action. Corporations, universities, and other institutions should be allowed to have any policy that they want concerning race or other attributes. It would be best if they did not consider race in hiring, promotions, etc.

I would call on the public to cease the use of the rebel (Confederate) flag. There should be no law against this, but this flag is definitely a symbol of oppression, bigotry, and rebellion against true American ideas of equality and freedom. People should not bend over backwards to not offend people, but on the other hand, should consider all the consequences of their actions. There are other ways to express one’s pride in their Southern heritage or belief in States’ rights. I call for Mississippi and Georgia to voluntarily redesign their state flags so as not to include this symbol on their flags. I will never vote for a candidate who is bigoted against any human being (including the unborn), or uses symbols of bigotry (such as the rebel flag), or who belong to organizations which are amenable to such things, such as the League of the South.

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