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The 2nd Amendment/Gun Control

I had once said this:

I believe that the 2nd Amendment should only apply to weapons that are comparable to those that were available at the time of that this amendment was added to Constitution. The Framers did not envision some of the weapons that we have today. Recall that the amendment uses the word “arms”, which Webster’s dictionary says means, “Instruments or weapons of offense or defense”. This would include nuclear bombs and biological weapons. It would be ridiculous to interpret this in terms of modern weaponry.

I am against any form of national identification system, but the States should be allowed to require a license, permit, and/or registration of the weapon to be owned and/or to be carried concealed. They should also have the right to restrict possession of firearms and other weapons on the basis of age, criminal record, and location (such as airport, government buildings, etc.). They should have the right to ban certain types of weapons. I am against all federal gun legislation. I am in favor of requiring criminal background checks. People should be allowed carry and keep guns for the protection of themselves and for the protection of their property. The right to bear arms should not just be limited to hunters and sportsmen.

But now I can see that what is really ridiculous is to try ban everything that could kill a lot of people. Timothy McVeigh used ammonium nitrate fertilizer, nitromethane, and diesel fuel to make his bomb. What are we going to do, ban fertilizer and gasoline? The right to bear arms should be absolute. As modern technology increases, the need for government to narrow its focus on those who are committing actual violent crimes and theft becomes even more imperative. But I still think that anyone who commits a serious crime, especially a violent crime, gives up their right to bear arms, but I think that if the crime is that serious, that criminal should either be executed or put in jail for life anyway.

And as far as age is concerned, that is an issue for which parents bear responsibility. (If a parent does not allow his/her child to have a weapon, this is not a violation of the 2nd amendment because it is superseded by parental rights found in the Bible. The government should stay out of this issue.) The inclusion of trigger locks should be decided by the purchaser, not government.

And as far as airports are concerned, their security rules should be decided by the proprietors of the airlines, not government. There is no need to require a special permit to carry a concealed weapon.

I am against all executive orders and treaties which would in any way limit the right to keep and bear arms. Even the rights of other nations should be respected so that they can defend their own people according to their discretion. Only a formal and just declaration of war would authorize us to deprive another nation of this absolute right.

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