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No one can receive true freedom or true rights by taking them away from someone else. When people start demanding rights that are not given by God, such as abortion rights, it ruins things for everyone. Women who have abortions and doctors who perform them and those who wish to secure the possibility of doing so in the future are in the bondage of sin, until they repent. Unless they repent, they have no freedoms or rights because they are rejecting the freedoms and rights given by God.

God will not tolerate this rebellion against him any more than he would tolerate people sacrificing infants to idols. God did not tell the kings of Israel and Judah to tolerate the murder of babies. He commanded them to tear down those idols. He never said, “Murdering babies is wrong, but there should be no laws against it”.

As long as this goes on, the United States will move closer and closer to a Nazi style government. 45 million babies have been brutally butchered in this country. Compare that to the number of Jews who were killed in Nazi Germany. Jesus prophesied that the hearts of most would grow cold because of lawlessness. This is it. If any form of child abuse should be illegal, abortion should be. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse.

How can you expect anyone to take any of our laws seriously if they are so unjust and inconsistently enforced? It seems like every time someone breaks the law, we have to beg the courts to enforce it. I believe in rule by law, not rule by men. Murder is against the law and it should be enforced in every case. The “legalization” of abortion weakens all of our other laws. If a law is not being consistently enforced, then the greater the penalty for breaking that law, the greater the injustice. (Think about this for illegal aliens also.)

Legalizing homosexual marriage is tantamount to subsidizing sodomy and lesbian sex. The government should not encourage people to commit sin. The definition of marriage is also beginning to lose its meaning in this country.

Why should we even think of going to war to with a country like Iraq that is not much worse than we are? Why would we expect God to be on our side?

In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that governments can take away property from anyone as long as they can justify it economically. This is the new definition of “public use”. Governments are already using this power to take homes and even churches to sell to businesses because they are more economically profitable. The same Supreme Court Justices who allowed this are also the very same ones in favor of preventing the States from punishing the murderers of the unborn. Thou shalt not murder and thou shalt not steal are beginning to lose their meaning in this country.

Taxation should be mainly for purposes of funding law enforcement. Any other taxation which forces taxpayers to fund programs that they don’t want or don’t use is a form of theft.

It is interesting that the Beast will require that his mark be placed in the same places (on the hand or forehead) that God commanded his commandments to be placed. (Read this article and Revelation 13). He will “think to change times and laws” (Daniel 7:25) as opposed to Christ whose laws are unchangeable because God does not change. (Matthew 5:17-19, Malachi 3:7, James 1:17) The Beast will come on a platform of peace, safety, and economic prosperity. Then he will take away the property rights (the ability to buy or sell) and eventually even the right to life of anyone who refuses to take his mark. How much closer do we have to get to this before liberal Christians change their minds and start opposing this lawlessness? When real Christians stand up and oppose the Beast and the taking of his mark, will the liberals still be accusing them of “mixing religion and politics”? Make a good choice and commit every part of your life to Jesus Christ, uncompromisingly condemning sin whenever and wherever it’s found. Obey God and leave all the consequences to him.

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