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For Clarification

When I speak of homosexuals, I mean those who commit or intend to commit homosexual acts. I am not advocating laws that discriminate against people because of how they were born, but I advocate that when these acts are committed it should be at the risk of the homosexual; taxpayers should not have pay for the consequences of this sin. It is not unreasonable for homosexual acts to be criminalized.

Some parts of this blog may sound contradictory, but it is not really. I may say that I am against some law in one instance, and in another, I may say that it should be enforced. What I mean to say is that I am in favor of repealing a particular law, but as long as that law is on the books it should be enforced consistently. I am against judicial activism even when judges are ignoring a law that I am against. A law should be ignored (but should not be stricken from the books by judges) when it is being used in a way that contradicts higher laws (the Bible being the highest law, then the Constitution).

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