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My Basic Political Philosophy

My political philosophy is the same as my philosophy about any other subject. The Bible is the guide to what is right. The Bible says that governing authorities are “agents of God’s wrath” (Romans 13:1-5) sent by God to punish people for evil, “not bear[ing] the sword in vain”. This is the primary (if not the only) legitimate function of government. God is sovereign above all and governments should not assume power that is not given to them by God. Any commandment from God in the Bible should be assumed to be universal unless otherwise stated. God’s directives concerning the punishment of criminals are not exceptions. Psalm 2 talks about how God will pour out his wrath on nations whose rulers want to “cast off the fetters and chains” of God’s laws. Throughout the Bible, minimum requirements of fairness and justice are given by God for the nations to follow, such as the punishment of all murderers, thieves, and the sexually immoral. In addition, there is much wisdom and advice given for rulers in the Bible. These principles do not include exacting justice on foreign nations (unless they violate the attacking nation’s sovereignty). They do not include punishing people for things in their thoughts and hearts (such as hate) because only God is qualified to judge these things. I am not trying to create a theocracy in which people are coerced into joining a particular religion, but only to uphold principles of justice and fairness that come from God and oppose any system that advertises sin, teaches people how to sin, gives people incentives to sin, or hinders Christians from obeying God’s word (particularly in regard to evangelism).

Man-made systems of justice are always flawed because of selfishness. If godly principles are abandoned, the default is “economic benefit”. That is to say, anything is acceptable as long as it benefits the nation as a whole economically. This is based ultimately on selfishness, so any such economic gain is only temporary.

The Bible says that we should obey the laws of the land that we live in, and it condemns lawlessness. The Constitution is the highest law in our land and must be obeyed above all other laws (I am talking about what the Constitution really says, not opinions of courts.) No President, congressman, or judge is above the law. Our elected officials must be held accountable for their actions. Our rights and freedoms are granted to us by God, not government.


B.J. said...

I agree with you bro ... but to play devil's advocate, how would an atheist view this? are they, as they say, shit out of luck?

good luck in earning the CC09 nomination!!!

Matt said...

No matter what form of government there is or what the laws are, there is always going to be some people who are less than satisfied. Even most atheists generally believe that violence and theft should be against law, voluntary contracts should be enforced, and that there should be some laws which give extra protections for children. I am not saying much beyond that. But when people want "freedom from religion" they should be consistent apply this principle also to secular humanism, atheism, and anything else opposed to Christianity. But that would make for a dull, politically correct existence. I prefer freedom.

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