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Campaign Finance Reform

All election laws should be vigorously enforced, and the penalties should serve as a deterrent. All political organizations shall have equal access to all forms of advertisement.

The Voting Rights Act, the Federal Election Campaign Act, and the Help America Vote Act should be abolished. Federal Election Commission should be abolished. I call for an end to all government funding of political campaigns. I am against any qualifications for candidate eligibility except for those that are already in the U.S. and the state constitutions. There should be no limits placed on amounts that law-abiding U.S. citizens can contribute to a campaign. Corporate and non-citizen contributions should be banned on the federal level. A political committee may contribute to another political committee. Those convicted of felonies should be barred from making campaign contributions.

Any candidate who has a ballot line and a theoretical chance of winning shall be admitted to any and all televised or published debates; otherwise the cost of the media coverage shall be treated as an in-kind contribution to each of the participating candidates. Any media outlet receiving Federal funding (e.g. PBS, NPR) shall be required to give equal time to all such candidates.

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