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I support increasing pensions for veterans so that they can serve and live with dignity without the aid of public assistance. All veteran's current spouses and widows should be treated equally, in accordance with Federal law. All deceased veterans should be buried with honor. There should be no reduction of military pay in combat areas. By law the County Commissioners have oversight of veteran health care benefits. They sign off on the assurances that each veteran in the county has received proper services. If such officials are found to be misusing public monies or falsifying federal documents, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. (code title 38 USC & 38 CFR) Veterans, including those with permanent and total disabilities, are entitled to complete health care at any medical facility licensed to provide health services. Veterans’ Universal Insurance by law provides these services and does not stipulate that they must only occur at a VA Hospital. As a contract this cannot be changed until all the members of the class are deceased. I am against any attempt to reduce any veteran’s benefits from their current levels.

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