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Other Uses of Military Force

The U.S. should not participate in nation building or "peacekeeping" operations. The best way to promote peace in the world is through diplomacy and exercising restraint, rather than through force. We should remove our military presence from all countries where we are not welcomed. It is prudent for the U.S. to keep strategically placed military bases and intelligence operations around world for our protection, but we need to get rid of most of these because the Cold War is over and they have become a source of entanglement. Members of the U.S. military should never serve under the command of foreign or world government commanders. I would put a stop to the use of non-military "mercenaries" such as Blackwater for military purposes as they are not held accountable for their actions under Iraqi law, U.S. law or military law.

There may be times when the use of force on foreign soil is necessary without officially declaring war. This should only occur when American civilians or facilities are attacked unprovoked. When any group (such as Al Qaeda), which does not represent the government of a nation, makes such an attack upon people of the United States, letters of Marque and Reprisal should be issued. Our military should defend itself and American installations abroad. We should not order our military to violate the laws of the country hosting us, or international law when in international waters. If we cannot do this without violating our own laws then we should not be in that country. American citizens should travel to foreign countries at their own risk. Our military should not be obligated to protect them.

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