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There shall be no excise taxes imposed on any goods produced within the United States if all of its components are produced within the United States by American-owned producers. Tariffs, excise taxes, and corporate revenue taxes shall be the source of at least fifty percent of the total taxes collected by the Federal Government of the United States. I believe that the remainder of federal receipts should be from usage fees and sales taxes, which shall be uniform among all citizens. If after these taxes have been spent, there is a remaining budget deficit, this deficit should be divided up among the States according to population, and the States should be responsible for meeting the obligation of their portion of the debt.

The IRS should be eliminated and the 16th amendment should be repealed. Many legal experts believe that the 16th amendment was never properly ratified in the first place. I support ratification of the Liberty Amendment which would repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, and provide that "Congress shall not levy taxes on personal incomes, estates, and/or gifts." I shall also work toward the effectual elimination of all state and local income taxes by immediately and unceasingly reducing the tax in an aggressive, structured, and responsible manner until the tax is nonexistent. I am against taxing inheritances.

I tend to think that property taxes are an unfair invasion of a person’s privacy. However, it seems like this could be the fairest way for local governments to fund their law enforcement and fire fighting operations. Under no circumstances should property taxes be used to fund public schools.

Automobile fuel taxes above the normal sales tax rate should only be used for building and maintaining roads. I am against all tax incentives, subsides, tax abatements, etc. I am against the use of taxpayer’s dollars for building sports stadiums or any other economic developments.

The government should stop giving people tax incentives to buy certain things while at the same time they give them tax incentives not to buy anything (i.e. to save for retirement). What a foolish self-defeating policy! People should be allowed to spend their money on whatever they please and whenever they please. The government should not take your money away and then promise to give it back to you if you spend it the way that they want you spend it. This is a form of theft.

It is unconstitutional to tax the transport of goods across state lines (Article I section 9). People making purchases though catalogs or over the Internet should have to pay the sales tax rate of the state from which the goods are being purchased. This should be charged to them by the seller, just as a store purchase. Law-abiding citizens should not have to worry about reporting such purchases on income tax forms, while others do not and get away with it, since this way of taxing so poorly enforced.

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