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Parental Primacy

I support the rights for parents to decide how to discipline their children, what their children are allowed to do, and with whom their children are allowed to associate. I oppose the assumption of any of these responsibilities by any governmental agency without the express delegation of the parents or legal due process. No family should ever be threatened with the taking of their child if they do not conform to government rules and regulations. The government of the United States of America should never interfere with how a family decides to rear one's child. Every child should be allowed to have prayer at school, during recess, lunch, or after school on school property. They should be allowed to have religious classes on their own time. These schools are paid for by "We the People."

Parents must be notified if their child asks for an abortion, or birth control pills at school. The diagnosing, prescribing and dissemination of medication and medical procedures are not legitimate functions of our schools, and should be discontinued immediately. There should never be any type of sexual examination at school or on school time. An examination must be done with the parent's consent, and at their physician's office, or in extreme cases where abuse can and will be proved, by court order. If a child is really being abused, government involvement should revert to the county where the child lives, and then only with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I would define real abuse as anything that is a permanent or debilitating physical injury or abuse of a sexual nature.

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